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Saint-Merry church

The history of the Saint-Merry church begins in the 7th century when the Abbé Médéric of Saint-Martin d'Autun, became Merry by contraction, stay there and died on August, 29th 700. In 884, during the last siege of Paris by the Normans, the bishop of Paris exhumed the remains of Saint-Merry, now considered as relics.

Around 1500, the population decided to build a larger building of worship in memory of the saint in the so-called flamboyant gothic style. His plan was inspired by Notre-Dame cathedral, with its heart as long as the nave. A tower leans against the build since 1612.

Turned into a hotel since the end of the 20th century, the building, which now houses Le Presbytère Hotel, is only slightly younger than the church. As the name suggests, this extension of the church was dedicated to priests' housing.


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